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5 SassaSasa Musikiwamba
Staff Assistant

Washing and turning the cheese is essential during ripening. That’s part of what Sassa’s been doing at Alemar since late 2016. He also does the packing, box loading and order prep.

Sasa joined the team after 15 years working in a number of spots – including several coffeehouses – in Chicago, Seattle and Oakland. He’s been a bike mechanic, barista and coffeehouse manager in various towns for 15 years.

As a fan of local fare, Sasa is always seeking out the finest local coffee, cheese and bourbon in the areas where he’s living. Naturally, in Mankato, he found himself quite fond of Alemar’s products.

“I enjoy being involved in the production of a quality product,” he says. “Before I worked here the Good Thunder was my favorite, but these days I’m leaning more toward the Blue Earth. And I’m really excited about the Sakatah.”