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  1. Posted on October 26, 2009

    From what I understand, the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years Day will be our busiest time of the year, so I’m in the midst of ramping up production to meet demand. And, speaking of demand, there are some new places to find our cheese. Pairings Food and Wine in Minnetonka & Grass Roots Gourmet in Minneapolis are our newest vendors. Pairings is… Read More »

  2. Posted on October 22, 2009

    I did not really cry, except inside. But, I did spill a lot of milk: 100 gallons to be precise. Yesterday started like any normal cheesemaking day; to the dairy and back, then pumping the milk into my vat. And then something abnormal happened. I gently pasteurize my milk. By law, any cheese that goes to market before sixty days must be… Read More »

  3. Posted on October 18, 2009

    We’ve been getting some attention lately, all of it welcomed. This article appeared in the Mankato Free Press today. Getting it right when making fresh cheese is a combination of art and science. Keith Adams works with precision inside a small production facility in Mankato’s Old Town as he tries to perfect the Camembert-style soft cheese he began making last… Read More »

  4. Posted on October 7, 2009

    Note: This is a guest post by Mike Nolan – a re-print from the Ask Better Questions Blog. My friend Keith Adams started a small, organic artisan cheese company this year. I remember the day he broke the news to my wife and I that he wanted to make cheese. It was over a glass of wine, in my kitchen,… Read More »

  5. Posted on October 3, 2009

    I will be at the “Say Cheese” event at The Great Grape Stomp at Morgan Creek Vineyards in Cambria this afternoon. Not the greatest weather today, but a little wine might help. Look for an article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune Taste section this Thursday. On Friday, our cheese will be a part of an event honoring Lucia Watson of… Read More »

  6. Posted on August 26, 2009

    With some degree of shock I look at this blog and realize it’s been a month since I posted anything. Lots has happened, so I guess it’s time to catch up. Sales have continued to blossom. We are on the shelf at Surdyk’s, The Wedge Co-op, Premier Cheese, The Craftsman and Restaurant Alma in Minneapolis. We are also available at… Read More »

  7. Posted on July 24, 2009

    The past few days have brought about, I think, the fourth stage of Alemar Cheese. Stage one was the idea that popped into my head in the last days of 2007, and began to increasingly occupy my thoughts, that it was time to strike out on my own again. If I haven’t confessed it yet, I’ll gladly do it now.… Read More »

  8. Posted on July 17, 2009

    Well, at least it appears that the waiting is over. And forgive my lack of posts, but anything prior to this would have been equal measures optimism and anxiety. Not pleasant reading. This past Sunday, I had a half-size wheel of cheese, produced on June 17th, that had sufficiently ripened for tasting. At a small gathering of friends, I unwrapped… Read More »

  9. Posted on June 26, 2009

    Tom Petty, I couldn’t agree more. I know I’ve got a streak of impatience, so waiting and wondering how a batch will turn out has occasionally gotten the better of me. Things appear to be correct, but there are lots of variables that I have to track to know what, in retrospect, I’ve done right or wrong. The most important… Read More »

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