Blue Earth!

Posted on July 8, 2014

We are just releasing a new cheese here at Alemar, Blue Earth American Brie.

Mankato is in Blue Earth County, named for the dark, fertile soil that surrounds us.

We’ve always had a few Brie hoops around to catch any extra curd we might have left over from making Bent River. These pieces came in at roughly two-and-a-half pounds, and took twice as long to ripen. The cool, interesting thing about the cheese was that even though it was made with Bent River curd, the size and extra ripening time rendered a different flavor profile: definitely a close relation to Bent River, but not exactly the same.

We’ve offered these pieces to friends and family for big events or as thank you gifts to some of our vendors, and the remarks were pretty consistent: “this is delicious and not exactly like Bent River”.

As we’ve grown, we have always had a mind to make larger batches of a Brie style cheese, this time with a new culture recipe. We’re on our fourth batch, and are really happy with the results. Blue Earth has many similarities to Bent River, but it’s…different. Bright, grassy, buttery and versatile.

Some of our cheesemonger friends tell us that sometimes people will not settle for anything but a Brie. They try to steer them to Bent River, but it HAS to be a Brie. Blue Earth will fix that, but it stands alone as a cheese we really like, and hope you will too.

We’re just getting it out to stores in Minnesota, ask your cheese specialist for it if you don’t see it, and let us know what you think!

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