Fromage Blanc

Posted on April 1, 2011

I’m pleased to announce a new addition to our roster, Fromage Blanc. It’s a fresh cheese that takes about a day to make, but can then be enjoyed immediately.

Some people compare it to a lighter version of cream cheese, and there are definite similarities. For me, it’s a blend of cream cheese, yogurt and creme fraiche. There is the acidic tang common to all of them, but the texture is not quite the same. What sets it apart is the amazing milk from Cedar Summit Farm. The milk’s great complexity and depth shine through, leaving a long, distinct and pleasing aftertaste.

What does one do with Fromage Blanc? Here the fun begins. It can be used in both savory and sweet dishes, and as a springboard for experimentation. I’ve been making the cheese in small amounts for about six months, and I wanted to have a few chefs work with it before I brought it to market.

Why not start with a Frenchman? Vincent Francoual, of Vincent on Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis, liked the Fromage Blanc immediately and is now using it for a variety of things, notably spread on flatbread with bacon and ribbons of green onion. I’ve tried this, and it’s delicious.

Ben Jacoby at The Craftsman, also in Minneapolis, is using it in a cake frosting. I’ve had it for breakfast with fresh fruit, and whipped it into mashed potatoes for a nice hint of acid. I’m looking forward to hearing from others as the cheese enters the marketplace.

So keep an eye out wherever you find Bent River, or ask your local cheesemonger.

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