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Posted on June 5, 2010

Last night, after a full day of deliveries in the Cities and a sample session at Surdyk’s (as always, a great time), I returned back to the “plant” to offload the now empty coolers and tend to the cheese.

Finished with my duties, I booted up my laptop and checked my email. Lo and behold, our first ever online order from a “stranger” appeared. Donald Salamone of Philadelphia, PA, you are the first of, I hope, many. Your cheese will be shipped overnight on Monday–thanks so much for finding and taking a chance on us!

Props to my lifelong friend, Grant Keeney, for order number one. I sort of, well, strong-armed him to buy, to ensure the site actually worked. Karma, Grant, Karma. A close second place goes to Greg Herring, friend and partner who needed some Bent River for his annual Memorial Day gathering. He assures me it was a hit.

For those of you interested in ordering, keep in mind the shipping cost (thirty-two dollars) is the same whether you order the minimum of two wheels to the maximum six. It’s a little steep, I know, but the cheese is well-packed in an insulated box and overnighted when the warm months are with us.

Again, thanks so much Donald; I hope to get a review back when you have a chance!

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