Saturdays in the Cities

Posted on March 24, 2010

Starting a few weeks ago, I began a string of Saturday demonstration visits. This photo shows Mari at Lund’s on Ford Parkway. That’s Kathy the cheese specialist in the background, who was kind enough to share her department with us. Of my two daughters, Mari is clearly the more demure, but she really had fun passing out samples and even suggested I go for a walk so she could solo for a while. Thanks and well done, kid.

Which spurs me to mention our introduction to the Lund’s / Byerly’sMarkets. Besides Ford Parkway, you can also find Bent River at the Byerly’s in Edina and St. Louis Park, where I’ll be on April 3rd and 17th respectively. We’re thrilled to be a partner with this storied retailer.

This Saturday I’ll be at the Kowalski’s Market on Hennepin from 12-2, and the Woodbury store from 2:30-4:30. Same times, different stores on April 10th: Eagan and Eden Prairie.

Then, you’ll find me at the Seward Co-op April 24th from 11-2, and, for the finale, Linden Hills Co-op May 2nd from 11-3.

Sure, it’s work, but I never, ever feel anything but satisfaction and gratitude after a demonstration day. We make new friends, sell some cheese, and build a stronger bond with our cheese professionals. And, when I’m lucky enough to have a daughter or two in tow, it makes the day a fond memory that lasts and lasts.

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