California, Here I come

Posted on September 3, 2009

Due to my good fortune in the friend department, I’m on my way to Sonoma County.

Craig MacDonald, General Manager & Partner at Stryker Sonoma, made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Said offer entailed a free airplane ride and a bed for the weekend. And, let’s not forget, the wine closet, a beautiful, double wide unit stocked with an exceptional array of bottles…this provided you’re too lazy to walk down to the winery, which can happen after midnight.

Craig and I met in 9th grade, Fall of 1976. Let your mind go for a moment and think of two svelte young men with longish hair and a penchant for skateboarding. I know, it’s preposterous. Here we are 30+ years later, considerably thicker in the middle, yet still thick as thieves.

I’ve shipped out a “flight” of three different cheeses (by production date), and we are going to do our best to find a suitable beverage. Chris Dearden and Rob Hunter (see late July post) have promised to show, so we won’t be lacking for palates.

My Mankato family, otherwise known as the Nolan’s, are watching over my cheese this weekend. Jules stopped by yesterday for a brief primer–she says the batches she shepherds over will be the best of all–and why should I doubt her?

Finally, a giant welcome to Greg Herring, my former college roommate and constant source of good will, to the small and decidedly exclusive gang of Alemar partners. My main goal, besides making a living, is to amass my dream board of directors, and I’ve pretty much done it. Except, of course, for me (see Marx, Groucho).

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