Posted on June 10, 2009

Things have been moving along in a generally positive way over the past few weeks. That’s not to say that everything has gone perfectly.

I continue to love the work. My main concern right now is getting the make formula just right and consistent. Next, I’m focusing on finding a home for the cheese. The retailers I’ve spoken with have been terrific–I’d like to single out Claire Thomas at Surdyk’s Cheese Shop in Minneapolis for her detailed tasting notes. This weekend I’m going up to visit Scott from Great Ciao, a local distributor of fine foods and a cheesemaker in his own right. He has a farm about an hour’s drive from me–should be a fine time, and I’ll be sure to post on how it goes.

Working alone, on balance, has been wonderful. I can tune the radio or Ipod to whatever suits my mood, and no one is there to distract me from whatever it is I’m doing. Still, there are moments when I feel an onset of cabin fever. Self-doubt can creep up on me, and I don’t have a trusted ally to lean on. Here I fall back on the notion that this is a journey, a process, an adventure. And that works…most of the time.

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